Melinda Mattos is a copywriter, editor, journalist and communications specialist based in Toronto.

Looking for someone with real-world experience? Melinda has worked as a columnist at the Toronto Star and Metro, a copy editor at The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, a story producer at TVOntario, lifestyle editor at Eye Weekly and associate editor of Strategy magazine. She was also the co-founder of Shameless, Canada’s progressive magazine for teen girls, which she guided from the concept stage to its current status as an award-winning magazine with subscribers around the world.

Melinda has written about everything from real estate to the advertising industry, food to fashion, and politics to pop culture. It’s made her a quick study when it comes to learning new subject matter and conveying complicated ideas in clear, accessible and engaging language.

As a copywriter, she’s crafted compelling marketing materials for clients ranging from The Bay to boutique condo developers. She’ll find just the right words to get your message across.

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